“If you are even THINKING about hiring an expert to train you, your team, your students or others on Microsoft Office software, do not waste a second wondering whether Craig Brody is the person you need. Craig is THE PERSON to enhance your Microsoft life. Craig has conducted dozens of trainings for hundreds of law students at Penn and, even after four hour sessions on Microsoft Excel, I have had to drag students out of the room. Our students are more efficient in their work and more capable of providing top-notch service to their internal and external clients as a result. He is the first thing I list each year as a “must have” in my budget and my only hesitation in singing his praises is that others might learn how wonderful he is and fill his calendar. But I want to share the good and Craig is not only good—he’s the best!”

Jennifer Leonard
Chief Innovation Officer
University of Pennsylvania Carey Law School

“Craig has done several training sessions for the Mid-Atlantic Council of the Institute of Management Accountants educational seminars. His “hands on” training was well received and effective for our program objectives.”“If you are seeking to improve the skill set of your employees working in the Microsoft office suite, Craig Brody is your man. Without any doubt, you will be pleased with Craig’s performance on-site with your administrative training objectives. Everyone will leave his training more proficient with the Microsoft product lines.”

Robert A. Listerman, CPA, CITRMS
Member Development Co-Chair
IMA Mid-Atlantic Council President (2011 – 2013)

“Craig Brody’s office-suite training programs, which are the backbone of our Certificate in Technology, are as immensely engaging as they are informative. Craig’s enthusiasm for the material and topics is contagious, and he consistently presents what could be confusing and unexciting material in an engaging and easy-to-understand manner. We are thrilled to have Craig train our students to master ubiquitous office technologies for professional and personal efficiency.”

Joseph A. Glyn
Director Center On Professionalism
University of Pennsylvania Carey Law School

“Craig has been teaching programs on various Microsoft applications as well as Adobe Acrobat for ALI CLE for several years. We continue to partner with him because his webcasts are popular and well rated by our customers. Personally, Craig is also a delight to work with – he’s quick to respond to communications, meets deadlines, welcomes constructive feedback, and strives to deliver practical content in an understandable way.”

Amy Weinberg
Senior Program Attorney and Manager
Content Licensing and Multimedia

“Craig’s enthusiasm and knowledge of excel inspired me to bring my skills to the next level, allowing me to create visual images that communicated complicated data effectively.”

Elise Luce Kraemer
Executive Director of Graduate Programs
University of Pennsylvania Carey Law School

“When our students speak of Craig, words like “wonderful”, “knowledgeable”, “patient”, and“expert” are the first things they mention after they have made sure I understand how kind and thoughtful he was throughout the session. Craig doesn’t shy away from challenging questions and instead seeks to make each training more relevant for the law students with which he is engaging. He enters a space for the duration of a two-hour workshop and leaves our students with skills they can take throughout their entire professional careers and lives. Craig ensures that each session is tailored to the current and future needs our law students will have as they enter their respective profession.”

“By providing training on Adobe Acrobat, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word, Craig tailors each program to fit the needs of our law students. He creatively engages them with scenarios and offers an assessment with each course to help the students better retain the information within each two-hour session. He is highly and fondly spoken of throughout our institution due to his extraordinary talent as an instructor and peer.”

Claudia Toro
Assistant Director
Center On Professionalism
University of Pennsylvania Carey Law School

“As a trial lawyer with nearly 3 decades of experience, I previously assumed that I adequately knew Microsoft and Adobe. Challenged by a colleague, I sat through a lesson with Craig and recognized what I, then, didn’t know.

Craig’s in-depth knowledge, augmented by his ability to effectively communicate, taught me how to unlock the true power of Microsoft and Adobe.

Beyond solving headwinds which periodically slowed my efficiency, Craig transitioned my understanding of Microsoft and Adobe into powerful tailwinds which geometrically increased my efficiency and productivity. I am continually surprised by what these programs have to offer if you invest the time with a dedicated professional such as Craig.”

Robert Ferrara
Ferrara Law Offices, P.C.

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